Unbelievable accommodations in Cuenca Ecuador

Wow – everything was 5-star quality! An extremely well-equipped penthouse with everything that a visitor could want: – internet and wifi, and even a laptop to use – Direct TV with several English programs to watch – DVD library with many English movies and series – fully stocked kitchen – extremely comfortable beds and furnishings – washer and dryer access We also felt very safe in the condo complex, and in Cuenca. Safety in the complex should not be an issue to anyone visiting. This was somewhat of a concern based on articles that we read about Cuenca and El Centro. We walked everywhere, day and night, and as long as you keep to major streets like Calle Larga (which is only a few steps away), you’re fine. Calle Larga has a small grocery store called Tia (5 minute walk) that was handy to pick up basic supplies. Right across the street from Tia is ’10 de Agosto’ which is a large local market. Even walking to SuperMaxi (down the steps near TodoSantos Restaurant and across the river) only took us 20 minutes. We walked everywhere. Cuenca is a gem, and so is this penthouse!

Joe & Pat
Kansas City, Missouri
July 2014

Stay longer if you can!

We — my husband and I, my sister, and two friends — stayed for a week in the Lopez penthouse and cannot imagine a more wonderful home-away-from-home from which to explore Cuenca in general and El Centro in particular. It would take days to discover everything that is nearby. (We didn’t find the awesome gelato place just a block behind us on Benigno Malo, for instance, until near the very end of our stay.) A week is barely enough time to get your “Cuenca legs.” Stay longer if you can!

Liz L.
Menomonie, WI
January 2014

The Most amazing “home” I’ve ever stayed in! 🙂

My fiance, along with 2 of his sisters (all of us 50+yrs of age) just came back from paradise. Nanci and I had been corresponding long before we took this trip, so I already felt like she was family. Altho’ we didn’t get to meet Nanci/Jesse, Bev was there when we arrived and she’s terrific. I’ve moved 34 times in my life, and..not to exaggerate, I never wanted to leave! We all truly felt like we were in “Donald Trump” accomodations. Just to add to what others have mentioned, planes flew by and we couldn’t even hear them due to the soundproof windows. The beds/linens/pillows were the best. I probably took 50 pics just of the penthouse. We walked most of the time altho’ taxis were readily available right outside our building. We ate at “Bananas” almost every day for breakfast. Parque Calderon right down the street has several restaurants that we frequented. Even tho’ we had a top of the line kitchen we ate out every meal except two (when we were taking an early excursion before restaurants opened). This is coming from a gal who doesn’t eat out except when her fiance splurges at “Waffle House”. 🙂 It’s so inexpensive to eat out in Cuenca, you can’t afford not to. We had met a couple in Quito when we visited there for 5 days (I heard him speaking English :-). We made contact w/them when they arrived in Cuenca, and quickly became friends, taking a bus to little villages, eating out, shopping, etc. 🙂 We invited them over before they left for the airport to head home to Texas. They were so impressed that they wanted me to send information so they can reserve the penthouse next summer. This was our 2nd visit to Cuenca, the city, Lord willing, that we’ll be living in asap. We love the people, weather,food, the “family-oriented” atmosphere. This is “Heaven on Earth”. We love Cuenca! We plan on a 1-1/2 to 2 month stay in Cuenca next summer to find our little paradise, thanks in part to Nanci and Jesse. 🙂

Suzie H.
Williamsburg, VA
July 2013

Fabulous condo!

Is exactly as listed, with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, top floor, balcony, secure, all amenities, very comfortable beds and pillows, excellent location. Newly remodeled. Owner and manager are from USA and are very helpful. Laptop plus WiFi. Owner’s DVD collection for your use. You will be spoiled, particularly if you’ve been staying in hotels.

Cynthia K.
Seattle, Washington
February 2013